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Geek Out for these Educational Adventures in Springfield, Missouri

We are lucky to have some incredible educational experiences for the entire family right here in the Ozarks. From indoor wonders to the beauty of nature, don’t miss these options for epic day trips and outings. Plan to check out one of these locations on a random weekday or plot them all out for a weekend trip, either way, learn, explore and discover.

First up is the magnificent, Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium. It was recently voted, America’s Best Aquarium. Seriously! Located in Springfield, Missouri…WOW really does sum it up.

Wonders of Wildlife takes education to an entirely new level. Via their website you can see the list of EdVentures your family can experience. From field trips to birthday parties and overnight EdVentures, there is something for everyone.

"At Wonders of Wildlife, our Conservation Adventures programs combine education and adventure that engages students and families in unforgettable hands on experiences. We believe that bigger EdVentures create a brighter future for conservation!”

In addition to the amazing EdVentures, taking in a day at the aquarium and museum, and we suggest planning time for 4-5 hours to enjoy all there is to see, touch and do, is an immersive educational experience.

If you like to live life on the edge, the aquarium features interactive shark dives. Yes, you can suit up and be a part of the exhibit.

For more information about Wonders of Wildlife visit: Oh, we definitely suggest the combo ticket pass that includes a day at Dogwood Canyon!

Next on our geek out list is the Springfield Discovery Center. This gem has a great downtown Springfield location and comes in with an extremely reasonable cost.

From their website,, “ The Discovery Center of Springfield (DCS) is an interactive, hands-on science museum committed to inspiring people of all ages with a life-long love of learning and an appreciation of the world and our place in it.”

Discovery Center of Springfield lets you take your mind on a thrilling exploration of the sciences by providing entertaining, hands-on adventures for all ages. At DCS, you can:

  • Stroll through the inner workings of a giant eyeball
  • Dig for a dinosaur
  • Take home your own DNA
  • Learn about other cultures
  • Ride the HighWire bike

In addition to the daily activities, the Discovery Center also runs many fun promotions throughout the year as well as special educational immersive activities. Check out their website for more information about planning your visit.

Our third recommendation for a unique educational experience in Springfield, Missouri is a visit to Fantastic Caverns.

A little backstory on Fantastic Caverns from their website, “Fantastic Caverns is America's Ride-Thru Cave. It was discovered in 1862 by an Ozarks farmer - or more precisely, by his dog, who crawled through a small entrance in a hillside. It wasn't until five years later that the first exploration took place: twelve women from Springfield, answering a newspaper ad seeking explorers, ventured into the cave. Their names remain on a cave wall today.

Because the beauty of Fantastic Caverns is vulnerable, the cave is toured in Jeep-drawn trams. Since you ride all of the way through, you experience the magnitude, the stillness, and the splendor of Fantastic Caverns while preserving its natural features. Wise stewardship is integral. Preservation efforts ensure the cave will be available for future generations to explore.

Fantastic Caverns, just northwest of Springfield, Missouri, is one of more than 7,300 documented caves that dot the Missouri landscape, and more are still being discovered. It’s no wonder Missouri is known as “The Cave State.”

Plan to enjoy a few hours exploring this true natural beauty. For pricing, tickets and tour information visit;