Frequently Asked Questions

These questions apply to all of our events, each event will have a similar answer.  For details regarding a specific event, find the appropriate event heading below.

Can I register by mail?
If you do not have access to register online, you may contact us at for a paper form. Paper registration is an additional $10.    

How do I change the event for which I registered?
If you have registered for any of the events in the Bass Pro Shops Fitness Series and need to change your personal information, change races or transfer your bib to another runner, visit event pages for the change form link.  There is a time limit applicable to race and personal changes which varies from event to event. There is a $10 non-negotiable race change fee and if you are moving up in distance, or to an event that costs more than the fee you paid for your previous registration, you will also be required to pay the difference in the entry fees.  

How can I check if I'm registered?
Paint the Run    Polar Bear Run   Run the Rock    Tour De Bass    Zombie Run    Marathon Weekend    Dogwood Canyon

How can I edit my race registration?
Paint the Run    Polar Bear Run    Run the Rock   Tour De Bass   Zombie Run    Marathon Weekend    Dogwood Canyon

What is the race transfer policy?
Race transfers from one registrant to another are permitted within a certain time frame, based on event. There is a $10 non-negotiable race transfer fee.

What is our cancellation policy?
Entry fees are non-refundable. No exceptions. Once we receive and accept the entry, any request for refund will be declined. While sponsored by Bass Pro Shops and other local, regional and national sponsors, Bass Pro Shops Fitness Series is not-for-profit with all proceeds going to our charities.

Can I sell or give my entry to another participant without officially transferring through the Bass Pro Shops Fitness Series?
No, this is not allowed under any circumstances.  While this practice may seem harmless, it can result in serious consequences to both parties involved. It’s an issue of false identity and a liability issue. Why? The most important reason is that your race bib is attached to your identity, so if an emergency occurs that requires medical attention or a race official must identify a participant, we need to have accurate information. In addition, finisher awards may be impacted. 

Can I run/walk with my dog?
No. For safety reasons pets are not allowed on of the courses at any time.

Are headphones (IPods, MP3 players, etc) allowed on the course?
Safety is our primary concern for our runners which is why the Bass Pro Shops Fitness Series prefers runners refrain from the use of headphones. However, the use of these devices is allowed at your own risk. If you make a decision to use headphones, please keep the volume at a low level so you can hear special instructions from course officials or emergency vehicles.

Can I volunteer?
Yes, you can volunteer.  Please email for more information.

What will the weather be like for the race?
The weather in Missouri is unpredictable. The temperature at the start of the Marathon Weekend events and the Dogwood Canyon Trail Runs will generally be in the low 40's and can climb into the low 60's by noon. However, we strongly suggest you be prepared for any kind of weather.

Is the Conservation Marathon a Boston qualifier?
Yes, the Conservation Marathon is run on an AIMS certified course and many runners have qualified for the Boston Marathon on our course. Upon completion of our timing files, we send all finisher times to the Boston Marathon for their qualifier files.

What is the course time limit?
The Run the Rock course will be open for 1.5 hours. Tour De Bass riders will be sagged in at dusk. The Dogwood Canyon 15K course will be open for 3 hours. The Dogwood Canyon 25K and 50K courses will be open approximately 9 hours but all runners left on the course at dusk will be sagged to the finish line. The Conservation Marathon and Cohick Half-Marathon courses will be open approximately 6.5 hours and 2 hours for the 5K (the finish line will remain open until 3 PM). This is not a closed course so if you fall behind this schedule, you may continue but will be asked to move to the sidewalks.

Are your events walker friendly?
Walkers are welcome to participate in the Conservation Marathon, Cohick Half-Marathon and 5K. Please be aware that the courses will be open long enough to accommodate any participants moving at a 15:00/mile pace or faster.

Are strollers allowed on the course during the race?
Strollers are only allowed on the 5K course. If you chose to run/walk with a stroller, you will be placed at the back of the 5K group at the start line. It is your responsibility to make sure your stroller does not impede other runners and you must take extra precaution to ensure your safety, your child's safety and the safety of the runners around you. The Bass Pro Shops Fitness Series reserves the right to pull any participant from the race who is endangering other runners or themselves.

Are there any parking locations and restrictions pre and post-race?
Run the Rock will have designated parking with the assistance of volunteers. Dogwood Canyon trail runners will find parking near the start/finish line of the race. Dogwood staff will be directing parking. Marathon Weekend will offer plenty of parking available in front and to the north of the store for Marathon Weekend events. Additional parking is available on the south side of the store.

What type of race day transportation is offered? 
Runners and walkers are responsible for their own transportation on race day.  These events offer plenty of parking, so transportation should not be an issue on race morning. Some of our local lodging facilities in Springfield offer shuttle service. Please refer to the lodging page for more information.

How many aid stations are offered on the Run the Rock, Dogwood Canyon Trails Run, Conservation Marathon, Cohick Half Marathon and 5K courses?
Run the Rock will offer 2 aid stations; 1 at the lookout and 1 once you exit the cave. Aid stations for Dogwood Canyon Trail Runs will be located approximately 5 miles apart.  Water, Powerade, Jelly Belly Sport Beans, potatoes, peanut butter and other healthy and energy-filled food items will be available on the course. There will be water & Powerade at each of the 20 aid stations on the Marathon Weekend course, as well as at the start line and post-finish area. There are 12 marathon, 7 half-marathon, and 1 5K aid stations. In addition to hydration, aid stations will also offer a variety of foods to benefit runners. Jelly Belly Sport Beans will be available at mile 8 for the half-marathoners and miles 10 and 18 for full-marathoners.

Warning: Inadequate training and disregard for the importance of taking fluids have resulted in life threatening conditions such as heat stroke, both in experienced and first time runners. It is recommended that all runners take fluids at each of our aid stations.

Are there recommended viewing locations?
Run the Rock will have a spectator viewing location at the finish line (Please note spectators are not allowed on the Run the Rock course). Dogwood Canyon has several great places to view runners/walkers. Maps will be provided to spectators on race day to highlight spectator viewing areas. Marathon Weekend will offer several spectator cheering locations along the course. These are designated on the course map in your registration packet.  Many local supporters set up locations in front of homes and in their neighborhoods to motivate and cheer on participants.

Are there any post-race medical attention/massage therapy locations? 
The Marathon Weekend Sunday events have medical coverage consisting of physicians, EMTs and athletic trainers stationed at the start, finish and along the course. The main medical tent is located at the finish line of the Marathon Weekend Events on Sunday and at Dogwood Canyon Weekend both race days, with Mercy Sports Medicine team there to assist you with recovery. There are also approximately 40 massage therapists after the Marathon Weekend runs on Sunday, volunteering their services to help relax and loosen up tight muscles.

What are the awards ceremony times & locations?

Run the Rock Awards:  Includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall Male and Female Winners and Overall Male and Female Masters Winners;
Dogwood Canyon Trail Runs Awards:  Includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall Male and Female Winners and Overall Male and Female Masters Winners

Marathon Weekend Awards Times (please note that these are subject to change):

  • 5K- 9:30 AM: Overall Awards
  • Half- 10:00 AM: Overall Awards
  • Marathon- 11:30 AM: Overall Awards
  • Relay- 12:00 PM: 1st Place Awards for each Category and Division

If a participant is unable to pick up their registration packet, can someone else pick it up for them? 
All participants must have a state, government or federal photo ID in order to pick up their packet.  Spouses can pick up a packet belonging to their significant other with a state, government or federal photo ID of their partner and also having with them, the same specified ID for themselves. Parents can pick up packets belonging to their minor children. Parents must have the same valid ID with them for themselves that we require of participants in order to pick up packets for said children. No other persons, except for the individuals stated above, can pick up a packet for someone other themselves. There will be no exceptions made under our packet pickup policy.

What kind of food/drinks are at the finish line  for each event?
Lunch is provided for the 100, 62, 48, 27 and 17 mile riders in the Tour De Bass.

Dogwood Canyon will have lunch provided on Sunday for 25K and 50K participants. Visitors and spectators can purchase lunch for $7 the day of the event or participants can purchase extra meal vouchers in-advance during the registration process. Water, Powerade and other snacks will be available at the 15K finish line for the registered participants on Saturday and the same will be offered in addition to lunch for the registered participants on Sunday at the 25/50K finish line.

There will be water, Powerade, Highland Dairy, Qdoba, Incredible Pizza, Einsteins Brothers Bagels and other food and drink for replenishment at the finish line on Sunday for Marathon Weekend. The finish line will be held in the Wonders of Wildlife Learning Facility/White River Conference Center parking lot; 600 W. Sunshine, Springfield, MO 65807. There will be food and drink provided for participants and vendors. Interactive booths and entertainment provided for all to enjoy.

Will portable bathrooms be on the course? 
Yes, marathon weekend races will have portable bathroom facilities will be available at the start line, all aid stations, relay exchange points and at the finish line for the marathon, half-marathon and marathon-relay. There are also bathrooms available at the start and finish lines of Run the Rock, Tour De Bass, Dogwood Canyon Trail Runs and the children's events.

Will gear-check be available? 
Yes, gear-check areas will be available for the Tour De Bass, Dogwood Canyon Trail Runs, Conservation Marathon, Mercy Sunshine Marathon-Relay and the Cohick Half-Marathon. Participants will place their gear in a bag that will be provided and identified with their bib #. Dogwood Canyon Trail Run drop bags can be dropped at the halfway point and will be brought back to the finish line pavilion. These are not checked bags, so please do not put valuables in your drop bags. The bags will be brought back to the finish line and placed in a specified area for you to retrieve at your convenience. Gear check will not be available for Run the Rock.

Are the races hilly?
Our events take place in the Ozarks, which means there will be hills on the courses. The Run the Rock course is extremely hilly and is recommended for experienced runners. The Tour De Bass has long, gradual hills as well as steep hills. The Dogwood Canyon Trail Runs are hilly and on rough terrain. Dogwood Canyon Nature Park presents challenging and compelling courses for our trail run participants. All of our Marathon Weekend courses are mostly flat and any hills are mostly considered gently rolling.

Where and when is packet pick-up?
Packet pick-up varies for each event but most packet pick-up locations will take place at Bass Pro Shops, 1935 S. Campbell, Springfield, MO 65807. Dogwood Canyon and Marathon weekend packet pickup will take place in the White River Conference Center/ John A. and Genny Morris Conservation Center loacted 600 West Sunshine, Springfield, Missouri. All other packet pickups will be at the specific event's location. Please note, there will be no packet pick-up on race day morning for the marathon, marathon-relay and the half-marathon. Specific packet pick-up information will be posted on each event page as we get closer to our events.

When is the Marathon Sunday worship service and where is it located?
The worship service starts at 6:15 AM and will take place in one of the tents on the Sportsman's Lodge.

When will the Bass Pro Shops store be open on Marathon Sunday?
The store will partially open at 6 AM for the runners. The restrooms and the snack shop will be closed until the store opens at 8AM.

Will the coffee shop and snack shop be open on Marathon Sunday?
Yes, the coffee shop will be open at 8AM when the store opens.

Can I volunteer?
Yes, you can volunteer.  Please email for more information.

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