Along the Marathon Weekend courses there will be SPECTATOR PARTY ZONES,  designated for groups to come together and cheer on their friends and family.

Each year, the Bass Pro Shops Fitness Series hosts a competition for Springfield Neighborhood Associations during Marathon Weekend.  These neighborhood associations also host aid stations along the event routes.  Which neighborhood has the loudest and proudest crew?  That's up to our runners to decide!  After the events from Marathon weekend conclude - we send out a survey allowing each event participant to vote on their most memorable neighborhood association aid station.  The winners will recieve a monetary donation to improve their neighborhood, host community activities and more!

The results are in!!

The neighborhoods came out in full force along the Marathon route and the runners put in their votes!  Congratulations to Galloway Village and Woodland Heights neighborhood associations for tying for 1st place!  The list below is in order of voter rankings. 

Galloway Village Association
Woodland Heights Neighborhood
Delaware Neighborhood
Rountree Neighborhood
Brentwood Neighborhood
West Central Neighborhood
Mark Twain Neighborhood
Meador Park Neighborhood
Robberson Neighborhood
Weller Neighborhood
Greater Parkrest Neighborhood
University Heights Neighborhood
Westside Neighborhood
Midtown Neighborhood

Thank you for being a part of our 2022 Conservation Marathon Weekend!